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Secrete Shopper Opportunity

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Secrete shoppers employment opportunities
Mystery shopper

Go Shopping and Get Paid  |  Get Your Purchases For Free  |  Get Paid To Go To Movies  | Get Paid To Go Out To Dinner
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About Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping is an effective and unique market research tool using professional
evaluators (Mystery Shoppers) to perform customer shopping scenarios and report
on every aspect of their experience. Mystery Shopper feedback provides valuable
insights which take the mystery out of service, customer satisfaction, quality
improvement, and industry excellence.
Mystery shoppers
Mystery shoppers follow a detailed,
scripted, typical shopping scenario and
record their observations and experience.

Hundreds of organizations throughout the US and Canada utilize the services of Mystery Shoppers / Secret Shoppers to visit their hotels, stores, restaurants, etc. as regular customers for the purpose of reporting on their organizations service levels,

quality of goods, and overall appeal to the average consumer.


As a Mystery Shopper / Secret Shopper you may have the opportunity to eat at fine restaurants, be a guest at quality hotels, attend movie theaters, make purchases at retail stores, etc., all for free and while being paid for your efforts.


Companies pay Secret Shoppers / Mystery Shoppers to shop in their establishments and report their experiences.

Being a Mystery Shopper is fun and rewarding, and you choose when and where you want to shop.


You are never obligated to accept an assignment.

Many companies utilize the services of Mystery Shoppers and Secret Shoppers such as:

Secrete shoppers employment opportunities


Secrete shoppers employment opportunities   Generally Secret
   Shoppers or Mystery
   Shoppers are
   compensated as

• 10-$40 per shop and even some $80!

• Working part time or full time, you may be able to earn an extra $500-$4,000 a month.

• And/Or are reimbursed for all goods/services purchased and are able to keep them all

   for free.



Secrete shoppers employment opportunities   

   • Get paid to shop.
   • Keep what you buy.
   • Perfect work at home opportunity.
   • Get paid to have fun.

   • Get paid to give your opinion.
   • See the latest movies for free.


    •Be an undercover consumer and

      report on your experiences.
    • Flexible hours to fit your lifestyle.
    • Get paid to eat in good restaurants.
    • Spend quality time with your children.
    • Do valuable work.



Secrete shoppers employment opportunities 

 If you can answer
  "YES" to all of these
   questions, you are
   prepared to be a
   Secret Consumer:

   • Do you love to shop and eat in restaurants?
   • Can you follow directions?
   • Do you have a good memory?
   • Are you observant?
   • Can you clearly describe your observations in writing?
   • Can you meet deadlines?




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